Give Someone a Stylish Photo of You for the Holidays

Give someone you love a special photograph of yourself in a very personal style. Adventure with me to find a special spot, different looks and we can create a stylish portrait. We would pick 2 or 3 styles and places and see what kind of a scene we can create together to make a fun and stylish shoot you can enjoy for years. Here is one shot with Sarah I liked and below this one are a few other different types of shots to give you an idea of what we can do.  Call me, Christine Murphy  at (818) 634-6865Sarah

The below, is another headshot that I think is very pleasing. This day we actuallly went to about 4 different locations including a beautiful road where she walked with flowers and a book that I especially enjoyed. Scroll down to get an idea of this photo shoot.

Sarah Headshot

After taking time for some simple headshots we found a road which was perfect for strolling along near a beautiful grove of trees. We took time here to create some simple country shots, I especially like.

Sarah flowers 1 600 water4by6 -1153

5by 5 154water


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