CHRISTINE ODELL MURPHY, Photographer.  Starting out developing photographs at age 13 in her homemade darkroom, Christine developed more than negatives; she developed a lifelong love of photography and has since honed the art of capturing the emotion of her subjects in her photographs.  As a nature lover and resident of the Sierra foothills during the lovechild ‘60’s, Christine’s adventures with photography grew while hiking the remote California mountains and living deep in the woods, carrying her camera and her banjo everywhere –in company only with her German Shepherd dog.  Her experiments with natural lighting have brought her international admirers who appreciate the sensitive impact of her work.

As a headshot photographer, I enjoy setting up stylish shots in different locations with someone. It is a creative venture with vision I like to create with my subject. We talk of style, ideas of what we want to portray in a setting and set up 2 looks in 2 locations. It is a creative process in which I want to capture my subject in a way they envision themselves. It is also a bit of an adventure you might say.

We can also keep the shot simple with business attire, or a relaxed enviornment in a portrait setting if you wish.

To contact the Photographer, you may e-mail her at

MsChriss@aol.com or call (818) 634-6865

Please visit my website at www.LiveForcePhotos.com.


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